Product Introduction
In order to deliver genuine products that have a strong meaning
Product Introduction
In order to deliver genuine products that have a strong meaning

Condiment packet

A variety of authentic choices that can be selected for your needs.

The condiment packet spices of Akebono Foods have authentic taste and flavors. The spices that brings out the real taste of ingredients. The rich variety of fresh packed spices with raw flavors. You can choose them for take out food, side dishes, grilled fish, etc.
The taste of the product will be enhanced by adding a genuine flavor to the tray pack and lunch box products such as sashimi, grilled fish, tempura, zaru soba, hot pot dish and grilled meat.

Condiment packet
  1. Raw grated radish 15g×100pieces×10bags
  2. Raw grated garlic 3g×250pieces×10bags
  3. Raw grated ginger 3g×250pieces×10bags
  4. Raw grated japanese wasabi 2.5g×250pieces×10bags
  5. Raw grated wsabi  2.5g×250pieces×16bags
  6. Raw grated NEW wasabi 2.5g×250pieces×10bags
  7. Raw shichimi   1.5g×500pieces×10bags
  8. Raw mustard    2g×250pieces×10bags

We also offer,
Grated radish(50g×50pieces×7bags)
"    "   (30g×50pieces×10bags)
Frozen grated radish(30g×50pieces×10bags)
Raw grated ginger(1.5g×100pieces×3bags)
"  "  "  (2.5g×250pieces×10bags)
Raw grated wasabi(1.5g×500pieces×10bags).

Best before

[1] Raw grated radish
Best before:30days
Preservation:Keep frozen during delivery and storage, During use keep refrigerated(5℃ or below)
[2] Raw grated garlic
Best before:180days
Preservation:Avoid direct sunlight, and keep in a cool place.
Best before:90days
Preservation:Refrigerate(5℃ or below)
[8] Raw mustard
Best before:90days
Preservation:Refrigerate(10℃ or below)
Frozen grated radish
Best before:180days
Preservation:Frozen(-18℃ or below)