Commitment to quality

Strict product management focused on superior technology and safety. We build solid trust with our constant efforts.
Commitment to quality
Commitment to taste and efficiency of cooking and time.
It is not easy to clear these conflicting conditions at the same time.

So we took the time and years to learn the hearts of many professional cooks and listened to the advice in order to challenge this problems.

And we made a conlution "Unless we spend enough time at the producing stage, it can't be a useful product in a professional kitchen".
After continuous hard work and tireless efforts the authentic manufacturing methods of Akebono Foods were born.
It is a treasure of heart and commitment of a chef.

1. Raw material cultivation

Cultivation landscape. A well drained land in the fresh air, suitable for cultivation of vegetables.

2. Supply and inspection of raw material

Reliable supply of freshly harvested raw materials, decent inspection of illness and weakness of the materials.

3. Selection

Only the best parts are selected after the sophisticated and strict selection.

4. Peeling

Raw materials are peeled by the original device, as it was peeled by hand.