Wasabi for exports to overseas

Fresh wasabi rich flavors and aroma in a
fresh pack

The carefully selected flavorful wasabi`s original aroma and hot flavor are packed in a fresh pack.
The harmony of the unique hot taste and sweetness of Wasabi complements the ingredients.

Squeeze out a large quantities
easily and serve it beautifully and quickly.
Raifort ideal for meat dishes.
Crushed wasabi goes well with soba and sashimi.

We offer a variety of products,
such as “Restaurant wasabi”, that can be easily squeezed and served in large quantities beaurtifully and quickly,
“Raifort” ideal for meat dish sauce and “Crushed wasabi” goes well with soba and sashimi.

Fresh grated flavor sprinkled in soy sauce any time.

Wasabi is the unique Japanese seasoning,
Japanese food boom is increasing it's overseas comsumption.
Akebono Foods are developing and products, as a pioneer of commercial wasabi.