Product showcase

In order to deliver genuine products that have a strong meaning

A lots of authentic spices from carefully selected natural ingredients. The food culture with gorgeous colors.

Enhances a test of dishes. Adjusts nutritional balance.

The purpose of using flavors and spices is various, our mission is to understand the real purpose of such flavors and spices. It is meeningless if there is no nutritional balance in flavors for adjusting nutritional balance or there is no sharpness (pungent taste) in the spice ingredients that suppose to stimulate the tingling texture.

Akebono Foods search and develop unique preparation methods, that captures the origin of food from various angles. The quality close to original taste and is trusted and receives high evaluation from professionals with tough words, such as chefs of major hotels and ryokans.

The flavors and spices of Akebono Foods evokes a smile for various food scenes. We will continue to create a new food culture by utilizing traditional taste with certain quality and variety of product development.

Handy real taste at home in the gourmet era!

Sprinkle in soy sause and fresh grated flavor anytime.

Delivers reach ginger flavors.

The wonderfull flavors of garlic is packet as it is.

The unique product with the unique taste.

The handy frozen fresh pack specialy good for tempura, steaks and others!

Handy frozen fresh packs add colors to tempura.

Reach aromatic strong flavors.

Fresh grated radish anytime, without taking time for grating!