King of Samurai's hot sauce for pot dishes andcondiment for any dishes that you like

Extremely hot but tasty!It is a Samurai class extreme hotness for all purpose seasoning!

Extremely hot!That addicts you!The extreme hotness purfectly goes not only for pot dish, but for any dish and for all purpose seasoning!

Please enjoy the extremely hot dish, that exudes the real flavors of ingredients.
Extreme hot ramen with rich and delicious flavors.

Addictive wonderful hot and rich flavor!

The outstanding very hot all purpose seasoning compatible for any dishes, like hot pots, chige pots, curry, ramen, grilled meat and etc!

Hot pot base:King of Samurai's pot dishes 【Very hot type】&【Extremely hot type】

Spout container for carrying around. Can be easily used even when you eating out.
Specially recomended for those who were lacking hot seasoning till now.